Entrypoint Counselling - 079 8408 2604 - How can I Pay
Entrypoint Counselling - 079 8408 2604 - Counselling, Psychotherapy, Online Therapy.  London N1 & EC1
How can I Pay? 
Cash, cheque, credit card and debit card payments are all accepted.
Private Counselling/Auricular Acupuncture
  • For your first counselling appointment or consultation appointment, payment will need to be paid in advance of your booked appointment.
  • After your first appointment or consultation, cash/card payments are accepted at the end of your session. (Excludes Online, Email therapy)

  • You will receive a receipt for all payments made.
Online counselling 
  • Payment is paid by credit and debit card via website in advance of sessions. 
  • You will receive an invoice by email to confirm your payment and booking.
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