Entrypoint Counselling - 079 8408 2604 - Supervision
Entrypoint Counselling - 079 8408 2604 - Counselling, Psychotherapy, Online Therapy.  London N1 & EC1
I'm a qualified Supervisor and I have a Diploma in Counselling Supervision. 
If you are looking for a supervisor I can offer support to students or counsellors who are training or trained in the following:

  • Person-Centred,
  • Behavioural
  • Motivational Therapy,
  • Solution focused
  • Addictions 
  • Psychodynamics

Knowledge and skills as supervisor:
  • 14 years of counselling practice working with an integrative approach  with Person-Centred, Behavioural, Solution Focused, Motivational therapy and psychotherapy.
  • Extensive work experience as a Substance Misuse practitioner working with addictions.
  • Extensive  experience  within the mental health sector supporting and counselling adults.
Please Note: Individual supervision at my practice (£60-90)is at a higher rate than online (£50-75) due to additional costing provisions.
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