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Alcohol/Drugs ​

Are you concerned about how much you are drinking?

Worried or concerned about your use of drugs?

Using alcohol and drugs like cocaine and cannabis can sometimes appear to be a harmless way to relax, socialise and cope with unwanted thoughts and feelings.

Using in this way can become a problem if physical and psychological dependency develops.  

Alcohol/Drugs counselling offers:

  • Support to control alcohol use
  • Support in drug use
  • Support to become abstinent
  • Maintaining abstinence
  • Counselling to partners, family and friends


Have you or anyone you know suffered from one or more traumatic event? 


Have you or anyone you know been assaulted, had an accident, witness or been a victim of domestic violence/physical abuse, sexual abuse/violence?

Trauma can come in different guises like Depression, P.D, anxiety, anger, addictions, eating disorders, isolation, promiscuity, insomnia and can be difficult to address, identify and talk about. 

Women and men can experience trauma or PTSD either by experiencing it themselves or seeing someone else being threatened harmed or fatally hurt. 

Sometimes people maybe reluctant to talk about their trauma because they may have feelings of shame, fear of being judged and that others will not believe them. Counselling might be a good place to start. No judgements. 


It can be difficult going through a break​-up, ending a significant relationship and coming to terms with the fact that your relationship hasn't worked out .


You maybe left with feelings of anger, betrayal, loss, resentment, thoughts of being let down, hurt, sadness, anxiety and dis-empowerment. 

It can take time to move on and the best way to move on is to be honest with how you are really feeling.

Talking genuinely with friends and families may prove difficult. You know they mean well and their intentions are good but you may find you can't be completely honest with them in how you are feeling. You may think its unfair to burden them with your feelings and problems.

Talking about your disappointments, anger and your strong remaining feelings for your ex to a counsellor can be beneficial for you to help you move on, make decisions and accept. 

I've worked with individuals. I support clients to express/reflect on their feelings and thoughts about either ending or continuing their relationships. I can offer you space and time to move at your own pace.

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