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Counselling Approach


Most counsellors or psychotherapist will have trained in one or more approaches. I work integratively and work from 5 models depending on your needs as follows:

  • Person-Centred - focuses on your self worth and values, being valued as a person without being judged and can help you accept who you are and reconnect with yourself.
  • Behavioural/CBT- focuses on thoughts, emotions, physical feelings and actions, and teaches you how each one can have an affect on the other. CBT is useful for dealing with a number of issues, including depression, anxiety and phobias.
  • Psychotherapy- seeks to discover how unconscious thoughts affect current behaviour. Psychotherapy usually focuses on past experiences and attempts to form links on how the past maybe impacting on your present immediate problems.
  • Motivational Therapy - is a goal-oriented, to elicit behaviour change by helping clients to explore and resolve conflicting thoughts and feelings that might be preventing them from making desired changes
  • Solution Focused-is just that, focused on building and finding solutions rather than problem-solving. It explores your current current situation and future hopes rather than present problems and past causes.

How long can we work with each other?

Everyone is different, how long we work together is entirely up to you. You always have the choice to continue or stop your sessions. However, I do suggest to work together for 6 sessions to start with. In my opinion, working together for 6 sessions will allows us

  • Enough time to get used to each other
  • Build rapport and develop our working relationship.

On the 6th session, I will review with you to access, discuss and reflect with you how we are doing together, and if you are getting your needs met. 

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