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& Isolation

Do you find your self thinking or saying to yourself:

'I feel lonely all the time'

'I don't have enough friendships in my life'


'I'm too shy.'

  'I have problems communicating and sharing with other people.'

'People won't like me if they really got to know me.'

'I'm lonely because I don't have that special someone in my life'

'I don't trust people'

'I'm depressed and angry about the things around me.'

Sometimes circumstances can make us lonely like; moving to a new country or city, loss of a loved one, working unsociable hours, loss of a job, lack of money, physical and mental health.

Being lonely and isolated can affect our self esteem, worth and confidence. I have extensive experience of working with people to build confidence, find tolerance in uncertainty, find acceptance of themselves and develop interpersonal relationships.

BME Counselling Support


Would you like to speak with someone who can acknowledge

difference and similarities like race, culture and values? 

I have experience of counselling and working with African,

Caribbean, Asian, Irish and Mixed Heritage clients.

I acknowledge diversity and I can appreciate how difference, culture, race, gender, values and beliefs can play a part in in how we form relationships with ourselves and others.

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