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Online Counselling


Online counselling is sometimes known as e-counselling or e-therapy. The counselling sessions take place online (internet) either in a private chat room or by email.

Online can be a great way of getting support for the following;  

  • you have difficulty speaking about your problem face to face.
  • you want to keep some anonymity around your identity
  • flexible counselling support to fit in and around work and home commitments
  • low cost
  • obtaining professional support from a counsellor without having to visit or meet
  • freedom to get counselling support when you need it
  • no obligation to attend contracted sessions 

Email Counselling

Writing emails to each other will be our way of conducting counselling. Using this method means we will use words to communicate as we will not be able to see or hear each other. Working this way gives us a better chance of understanding each other as emails can be re-read and we can ask questions if unclear.

You can write and send your emails any day of the week. However, you won't receive a response immediately or on the same day. You will receive a email response from me either on a Monday or Wednesday.

One-off (Instant) emails

If you prefer a one off email (£25.00) instead of negotiating an agreement, I can offer you this service. I will send you an email up to a max of 500 words within 48 hours once I have received a written email from you (500 words max) and a card payment.

Live Counselling sessions

A live 50mins counselling means that we both connect and communicate to each other on the same screen on our computers. What ever we write we both can see on our screens. The advantage of this method is that it can feel like we are both in the same room as you will immediately get my observations, thoughts and response to what you write. You also have the option if you prefer to use either audio, webcam or both.

Privacy and Confidentiality

I use zoom for live sessions as it encrypts our messages so they cannot be read if they are intercepted between my computer and yours. We can either use text chat (discreet if you're not in a private room) or audio/webcam for these sessions.

I use a private encrypted email service and I send all email responses as email attachments for security.

Starting Email or Live Counselling

After our initial contact (you enquiring or contacting me for the first time and my reply to this) and you decide you want to go ahead with email or live counselling, I will ask you to fill in three forms which will be a consent, agreement and information form. The forms will ask you some basic background information, agree on how and when we will be in contact.

When I have received your completed forms, answered any further queries you may have and received notification of your payment, I will acknowledge this and we are ready to start. You will then be able to send your first email or agree a start time and date for your live counselling. 

Email/Online Packages

Y ou can buy packages of 3 or 6 email/online sessions in advance


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