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Terms & Conditions

Counselling Contract 

To receive auricular acupuncture and counselling privately or online, clients will need to read the terms and conditions, sign or verify their consent on a confidentiality consent form and counselling agreement before a session can take place.

Clients requesting online counselling will be emailed a consent, counselling contract and information form which the client will verify and date the form as acceptance of consent and contract with EP Counselling. Online clients are asked to email their consent form back to

I will arrange with the client a suitable time to book a counselling/ auricular acupuncture session. Clients using the online counselling service will arrange with me (counsellor) through email, text or voice message and I will respond to emails in 48 hrs (excluding weekends) or specify an arranged day to respond. Private counselling/auricular acupuncture can be arranged by telephone, at the end of a session or email. You will receive written confirmation of your booked session by either text, email or letter.  


This website has been developed by EP Counselling for the sole purpose of offering a service of Generic counselling, Substance Misuse counselling, Auricular Acupuncture and training. The service is aimed at any individual or organisation that would like to receive private counselling, private or group auricular acupuncture and substance misuse training and are willing to co-operate, acknowledge, understand and follow the terms and conditions set by EP Counselling. 


EP Counselling will not be held responsible or liable for the following:

  • the connection with the website is lost during connection or becomes unavailable,
  • for computer viruses or corruption with the users computer
  • if technical problems occur with the users computer system, software and data.
  • any liability for any costs, damage, loss, injury or false information given to receive counselling from the Entrypoint's website, brochures and literatures.


Consultations or first booked counselling sessions which ever comes first, must be paid in advance by a credit or debit card before attending your sessions at, using PayPal secure payment or Once you have confirmation of your booked session, you must pay within the day of booking to confirm your acceptance. For group auricular acupuncture and substance misuse training, alternative payment can be made with the agreement of EP Counselling.

I offer a free 50mins assessment or consultation session on the telephone or online at no charge to you, the client . All contracted counselling and auricular acupuncture are priced per session; 50mins (auricular acupuncture), 50mins(counselling) and 50mins (online live). Online email sessions consists of one email exchange between client (500-1000 words max) and counsellor (min 500 words). Payment is made to Entrypoint Counselling prior to all individual online counselling sessions begins. Clients can pay up to 5 live online counselling, email exchanges in advance. Please ask me for more details. Services and organisations requesting contract counselling will be required to make block session bookings. Each client will need to be booked for either 4 or 6 sessions blocks which will be paid in advance of client starting sessions. Block bookings are non-refundable. Consultation or assessments are not included in block bookings. Assessments or consultations can be offered free if conducted over the telephone or online otherwise a separate charge will be made (£50.00). You will be sent a payment confirmation by email by EP Counselling as well as from Paypal.


You can contact me by email at , leave a voice message or text on 0798 408 2604 or visit website, to fill in a contact form.

To cancel a booked private counselling or auricular session, you must give 48 hours notice for off-peak sessions (10-4:00pm, Mon-Fri and Saturdays). If you cancel within the cancellation period as described, you will not be charged and any pre-payments will be carried over to the next counselling/auricular session. For peak time sessions (8-9am and 4:30pm-9pm, Mon-Fri) there will be no notice period and you will be charged for all missed and cancelled sessions and you will be charged the full amount of your agreed fee as a cancellation fee.The cancellation charge will be charged at the price of the session you have missed. A card payment will be taken to cover any missed/cancelled session fees as described above. An email receipt will automatically be forwarded to you. All clients will need to complete and sign a payment authorisation form before beginning counselling/auricular acupuncture.

If you have difficulty connecting to the internet for your booked live online counselling session or unable to access immediate email facilities, please contact me within 24 hours by sending a text to my mobile 079 8408 2604 or leave a voice message. In regard to email counselling exchange, if I do not hear from you within 72 hours of receiving my email response, it will be resent. If you make no further contact after this, I will assume that you do not wish to continue.


Information you give to me is confidential. In order for me to give you a quality service, I adhere to the BACP ethics and guidelines 2016 and Online counselling 2010. I receive supervision with a qualified supervisor. This may involve discussing information about you. This practice is necessary for the effectiveness of the counselling outcome, to support the benefits for you as a client in counselling and to ensure that I'm offering the best possible support.

Information can be shared to others outside of EP Counselling in exceptional circumstances as follows:

  • If you are at risk of harming yourself or other people
  • You are risk of perpetuating a serious crime
  • You are placing children at risk, as defined by the Children Act 2004
  • If a serious risk to public health exists 

Information and records about you will be kept in a locked cabinet at EP Counselling premises. EP Counselling adheres to the Data Protection Act 2001 (UK). Information will also be stored on a computer that will require a password which will be only accessible by me, Michelle Atterbury at EP Counselling. If you require access to your individual online or counselling session information, I can provide you with this information. You will however have to put your request in writing and have a valid reason for having this information.


Personal information such as name, email, contact details and signature given to me by you will be used solely for the purpose of offering you a service. Personal information will not be passed or given to any third party outside of Entrypoint Counselling with an interest to sell anything to you or asking you for your custom.

I can provide an anonymous service. You will have the option of being able to use another name if you wish for the purpose of online counselling.

I'm aware and I take into consideration that counselling can be difficult and very sensitive issues can arise. I will always ensure that information is transferred securely and log in passwords required by Paypal, Skype, which are used in order to protect you the individual client. When registering with Skype you have the options of adjusting or customising your privacy settings for your need. Skype privacy policy can be found at   

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